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About Iron Sausage

From maybe about 1998 a.d. until sometime in 2001 a.d. , Iron Sausage was the term used to describe 4 very specific people who spent a lot of time together adding and subtracting noises in or near Sydney and on occasion in Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne too. Plus all those other lesser towns and cities that no one ever mentions so we won't break from the mo(u)ld and mention them either. You know them though, the ones that do all the really unimportant stuff like make steel and coal and food so that the previously mentioned cities can continue producing arrogant and disturbingly self absorbed culture.
Choosing to remain on the fringe of this culture, deriving pleasure from deliberate self-sabotage, Iron Sausage were doomed to fail from the start. This inevitable failure however, did not prevent them from composing and recording what remains today to be unchallenged as definitely a series of noises organised in such a way that denying their claimed identity as songs, whilst it may be desirable, becomes annoyingly difficult.
The Iron Sausage live show became a deep anal orgasm of confrontation and chaos and yet it maintained a sense of china-doll like delicacy. Whilst Bin Laden declared war on the West and President Bush declared war on all things living, Iron Sausage declared war on themselves. No woman, man, nor child were left untainted by the unwashed and sweaty smell of the Iron Sausage.

Iron Sausage:
Campbell - Guitar / Vocals
Fred - Bass
John - Drums
Ed - Vocals

Recognition for artwork on some of the earlier stuff needs to go to John "happy fast drums" Sausage. He was the main driving force for most of the non-external work.
Externally created art was by Glenn Smith, see glennoart for more of his fine penmanship.
Other members of the band contributed things from time to time...

Thanks to all those who were a part of anything to do with the self destructive but oh so grindy Iron Sausage.

Rumours of a one off live show on the 20th of April 2016 to celebrate their 13 year hiatus have not been confirmed and seem contradictory at best...


Iron Sausage departed with over half of the material recorded by them never seeing the light of day. It seems a great misdeed to not have their music on the public record it is.

So why would you buy this music?
Currently there are sources where you can get this music for free. That is fine.
The official digital release of this music is through The Sounds of PolyDrug Intoxication.
We do not object to the free distribution of our music. In fact, we encourage it.
The more people who listen to our music and enjoy it the better.
Unfortunately people without the digital distribution rights for our music are distributing it for money. That we do not agree with. Do not purchase our music unless it is from a Sounds of PolyDrug Intoxication distributor.
We will gladly give you our music for free. Please don't support those that illegally distribute our music for profit.
If you enjoyed our music and want to support the musicians behind its creation, then feel free to purchase a copy of whichever title you enjoyed through our distribution network. Great, we thank you for that. If you want to enjoy it and not support the musicians behind its creation, great too. As long as you are happy we don't really mind.

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The Sounds of PolyDrug Intoxication is non-profit.
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If you buy something and want that 20% to go to another decent group of folks, drop us an email. We will see what we can do.
Anything else will be divided between the four members of Iron Sausage.

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